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Three production bases

Founded in 2005, Global Success Circuits has many years of rich management experience and technology as well as advanced first-line production equipment at home and abroad. It has established three production bases: Shenzhen Global Success Circuits Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Global Success Circuits Co., Ltd., and JiangsuGlobal Success Circuits Co., Ltd. At the same time, it serves 45% of foreign customers, specializing in the production of small batches, as well as medium and large volumes. The company has introduced advanced platform management technology to continuously provide customers with reliable, stable and high-quality products. There are distribution and service outlets in all first-tier cities. At the same time, the business and engineering teams are constantly expanding and improving, which can provide fast and accurate customer service

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Products are widely used in communications, automotive electronics, network equipment, industrial control, computer applications, national defense, aerospace, medical and other industries, and have been unanimously recognized by customers