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understandzhouxu1200+Total number of employees50,000+Total production area (square meters)144+Total annual production capacity (10,000 square meters)Global Success Circuits is the world's leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards

In 2005, Global Success Circuits Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen. It is a large-scale printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in the production of high-precision double-layer, multi-layer, and aluminum-based circuit boards. With the service concept and excellent corporate culture, Global Success Circuits has gradually developed into a group company with several subsidiaries such as Shenzhen Factory, Jiangxi Factory, and Jiangsu Factory, with more than 1,200 employees. The company has mature circuit board production and manufacturing technology, advanced production process control technology, and experienced production and development team with strong professional skills. The products cover 1-18 layers, multi-layer boards, aluminum PCB, thick copper PCB boards such as copper plates, ceramic plates, high-frequency microwaves, etc., which can meet the various needs of customers in one stop. Products are widely used in communication equipment, computers, industrial control, power electronics, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, security electronics, aerospace and other high-tech fields, 45% of the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Asia Pacific and other regions.In recent years, the company has developed rapidly with a growth rate of about 30% for 5 consecutive years. In 2006, it was elected as a member unit of Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Development Promotion, and in 2007, it was elected as a vice-chairman unit of China Printed Circuit Industry Association; CICA heat-dissipating substrate industry " Industry Standard" drafting unit. The company has continuously obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL certification, CQC, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO/IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification and OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system.As a global leading printed circuit board manufacturer, Global Success always adheres to the core values of customer-centric and market-oriented, sincerely cooperates and keeps its promises to provide high-quality services to global customers, and strives to achieve a win-win situation with customers and partners, while actively fulfilling various social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and is committed to becoming a practitioner of the responsibility of the times and a spreader of social civilization.



Our business almost covers the domestic market and plays an important role in the international market.

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Whatever your requirements, we can find the right solution for you. Our products are widely used in communication equipment, computers, industrial control, power electronics, household appliances, automobiles, medical instruments, security electronics, aerospace and other high-tech fields for various applications. We have experienced circuit board experts to find the product that best suits your needs.

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