electronic pcb factories double side board shenzhen china

electronic pcb factories double side board shenzhen china
Global Success PCB caters for various electronics industries, such as automatic, telecommunications, power suppy, smart home, energy, smart home ...., and meet different needs from single board to the sophisticated multi-layers board up to 18, with well-established manufacturing capabilities.
electronic pcb factories double side board china pcb factory
Laminate MaterialFR4, High TG FR4(tg150,tg170,tg180)
Halogen-free FR4, CEM1, CEM3,Polyimide,
Rogers ,Aluminum
We will order other special material accoprding to your request
Board LayersMaximum layers1-18layers
SizeMaximum finished dimensions500*1200mm
Board ThicknessMinimum and Maximum0.2-3.2mm
CopperOuter copper weight0.5oz (17um) - 4oz (140um)
Inner copper weight0.5oz (17um) - 4 oz (105um)
DrillingMinimum drilling size0.15mm
Drill Deviation (True position size)2mil (0.050mm)
PTH hole tolerance3mil (0.075mm)
N-PTH hole tolerance2mil (0.050mm)
Minimum hole wall thickness20um
Angle of Countersink80°, 90°, 100°, 120°
Circuit lineMinimum width0.1mm/ 4mil
Minimum space0.1mm/ 4mil
Inner LayersMinimum space from drilling to inner pattern6mil (0.15mm)
Minimum space from annular ring to inner pattern6mil (0.15mm)
Layer-to-layer registration3mil (0.08mm)
Board ProfillingHole to board edge tolerance±4mil (0.1mm)
Pattern to board edge tolerance±4mil (0.1mm)
CNC Tolerance±4mil (0.1mm)
Minmum thickness after V-Cut12mil (0.3mm)
V-Cut tolerance±5mil (0.12mm)
V-Cut Angle20,30,45,60
Solder maskColorgreen, light green, matte green, white black,matte black,yellow,red, blue
SilkscreenColorWhite, black, yellow,
red, blue, green, gray
Minimum line height≥0.0625mm
Minimum line width≥0.125mm
Surface FinishHASL, HASL pb free, immersion gold, immersion silver, O.S.P
CertificationIPC-A-600 Class II/III, UL E324220, ISO 9001,ISO/TS16949, ROHS